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    We specialised in
    Seasame oil with high nutrients
    Sesame Oil has pure good health benefits. Sesame oil has been our focus since 1938,
    so reach out to us for retailing of our flagship brands or orders in bulk for industrial customised solutions.
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    Sesame oil manufacturer since 1938
    Sesame oil is 100% made in Singapore in line with ISO food safety standards and
    certifications of HALAI and Kosher.
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    Welcome to
    Flagship Brands of Sesame Oil
    Gu Ding and Jing Ding Pure Sesame Oil have been distributed around the world to serve the growing global demand for fragrant and healthy sesame oil.
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    Sesame Oil for a Healthy Diet
    Sesame oil is a traditional fragrant oil that nourishes one’s health. Sesame oil is high in anti-oxidants, low in saturated fats, cholesterol-free and rich in Vitamin E and minerals.

Pure Sesame Oil by Oh Aik Guan

Perfecting Sesame Oil for Generations since 1938

Producing premium Sesame oil, we use only high-quality sesame seeds in Oh Aik Guan. Our Sesame oil is 100% natural and made in Singapore. Sesame Oil production has always been our manufacturing expertise since 1938. Sesame oil has many health benefits such as being high in anti-oxidants, low in saturated fat, cholesterol-free ad rich in vitamin E and minerals. Today, Sesame Oil is one of the best condiments that can go with any healthy, nourishing diet preferred by consumers, dieticians and nutritionists.

As a premium Sesame oil producer with over 80 years of experience in Singapore, Oh Aik Guan Food Industrial has ventured into the global sesame oil market. We have transformed our operation into an integrated factory with full automation. Oh Aik Guan is dedicated to in investing the latest machinery, storage facilities, and packaging solutions to support the ever-growing demand for our flagship brands, Gu Ding and Jing Ding Pure Sesame oil, locally and internationally.

Oh Aik Guan is committed to meeting the food safety standards under ISO 22000 and adhering to the strict code of practice set by the world-acclaimed certifying authority of HALAI and Kosher. On the manufacturing scene in Singapore, Oh Aik Guan Food Industrial is also accredited by many established trade associations.

The health benefits of Sesame oil has recently made it to the list of superfood and superior culinary oil around the world. Producing in Singapore allows Oh Aik Guan to be in a perfect place to serve industrial users and food processing companies worldwide. In Singapore, we also provide customized services of house brand solutions for established supermarket chains. For our flagship brands, Gu Ding and Jing Ding Pure Sesame Oil, we work with reputable distributors overseas for retailing to food lovers and culinary chefs. Oh Aik Guan is committed to producing the most authentic sesame oil to serve the growing demand for quality and healthy culinary oil Around the world.

Let Oh Aik Guan Pure Sesame Oil complete any healthy cuisine, be it Asian, Fusion or Vegan recipe.